About Road Trip Kit

Quick, Simple, Intuitive and Secure

Hook & Go

Then pack away into carry case

Road Trip Kit waterproof roof bags are so easy to use! Forget roof racks! Forget roof boxes!

Unlike a lot of roof racks and roof boxes currently available, the new Road Trip Kit roof bags have been designed specifically for ease of use and our revolutionary new ‘Hook & Go’ technology has, quite simply, reinvented the concept of road trips!

Gone are the hours spent tying down belongings with endless meters of bungee cords, maneuvering trailers or struggling with a car load of travel items. This great new system is very easy to use and completely secure and weatherproof. They work with most vehicle makes and models.

And when they’re not in use simply remove, pack into their handy carry case and store in your car boot or a cupboard – saving you space even when not in use!

Easy as 123...

Light and easy to handle

One of the great things about Road Trip Kit roof bags is how quick, simple and intuitive they are to fit – securely – to your roof. Anyone can do it – they’re super light and easy to handle.

There are two simple stages: (a) attaching your grip hooks to your car door frames, and (b) strapping the bag to the grip hooks. If you have side-rails on your roof you don’t even need hooks – they just strap straight on!

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Patented locking system