Compact Travel Gear Car Roof Bag 425L Waterproof No Rack Hook & Go


Includes a set of four unique Road Trip Kit grip hooks for attachment to car door frames, a handy carry bag for easy storage and a fastening clip for the lockable zip.


Length: 108 cm
Width: 85 cm
Height: 47 cm

Weight: 3.5 kg

Colour: dark/ light grey, yellow trim (colour may fade if exposed to strong sunlight)

Carrying capacity: 60-90KG depending on vehicle model (please check owner’s manual). Straps tested for emergency stops with up to 130KG luggage.

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The quality is in the detail

This stylish, rugged Road Trip Kit car roof bag is lightweight and simple to use with no roof racks or rails required.

Road Trip Kit car roof bags are light (3-5 KGs) and store away in a convenient carry bag the size of a pillow! The luggage loops on the top of the bag are designed for extra items like surfboards, skis or fishing rods.

When laid flat out on the roof, the padded base can be used to carry kayaks, items of furniture etc.

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Quality Assured

Our bags are engineered to the highest of standards and have undergone rigorous laboratory testing under the toughest of conditions so that you can be assured of their quality, security and safety. We are so sure they are of the best quality that we offer a 5 year warranty!

We're confident you'll love your Road Trip Kit bag!

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